About Us

Philosphy . . .

The classes are designed to be both rigorous and relevant.  The School of Bible & Ministry is designed to challenge students with a high school education or equivalent at a community college level.  Students are expected to attend the classes regularly, complete all assignments in a timely manner and pass all exams.

The major differences between our school and a college or university are

1.  College level classes require 30 hours of instruction, ours will require 18 hours of instruction.

2.  College level classes require instructors to have a masters or doctorate degree, ours will require a bachelor degree.

3.  College level course typically require a lot of written work including lengthy term papers, ours will require written work on     a smaller scale.

4.  Colleges and universities offer degree programs that are usually accredited by an independent accrediting organization.      Ours will offer certificates and a diploma, not a degree.

The benefit of our school will be that laymen and pastors that work full time will be able to learn the Bible and develop ministry skills without the demands and stress of college level instruction.


Schedule . . .

The course schedule will follow the Lodi School District schedule of 9 weeks in school and two weeks off.  This will allow students with children to vacation with their families.

The classes will have 8 weeks of instruction and a one week for a final exam and completion of any reading or written assignments.

Two classes will be offered each term, one on Tuesday nights and one on Thursday nights.  Classes will start at 6:45 pm sharp and conclude at 9:00 p.m.


Registration Requirements . . .


Educational Requirements

Prospective students must have a high school diploma or equivalency or a GED certificate.  A photocopy of the diploma or certificate are acceptable.

Application for admission

In order to be enrolled, prospective students will complete and submit an enrollment application along with proof of high school education and $20.00 application fee.

Transferring Credits

Students who have completed courses, either at college level or through the Sacramento District ministerial education program, who desire a Year 1 Certificate, Year 2 Certificate or Diploma of Graduation may submit courses previously taken for consideration by the director.  Classes offered for consideration must have an official transcript and grade.  Grade must be C or higher.  All decisions made by the director are final.


We Believe . . .

We believe in one God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe in Jesus Christ that He died for our sins, rose again, and is coming to take us to heaven.

We believe that the Holy Spirit enables our obedience to Christ, conforms us to His image and empowers us for service.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, inspired by God and containing everything necessary for faith & Christian living.

We believe that we are born with a sin nature and that we have need for God in our lives.

We believe that God has given us a choice in living a life of sin or trusting in Jesus. We believe that each person must turn away from his or her sins and trust Christ to change him or her.

We believe that when we turn and trust in Christ the old record of sin is wiped clean, that we are born anew, and that we become a part of the family of God. After being born anew, we need the fullness of God’s Spirit in our hearts. When we make a complete commitment to Him, He cleanses our spirit, fills us with His perfect love, and gives us the power to live victoriously.

We believe the church is the community that confesses Jesus Christ as Lord. It is the covenant people of God, made new in Christ, and called together by the Holy Spirit through the Word.

We believe that everyone shall face the judgment of God with its rewards and punishments.

We believe that baptism is the outward symbol of the inner transformation, publicly demonstrating that we are a follower of Jesus Christ.

We believe the Lord’s Supper is the sacrament remembering Christ’s death for our sins.  All who confess Jesus as Lord are welcome to participate.